★ 2 Set Only!★ Japanese Food & Seasoning Box Set A (FREE SHIPPING) 0611-02

★ 2 Set Only!★ Japanese Food & Seasoning Box Set A (FREE SHIPPING) 0611-02

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Introduction of Food & Seasoning Box Set A

It includes the following Japanese food:

  1. Rice Honey Biscuits (F_019) x 1
  2. Kyaraimo Cube Plain (F_151) x 1
  3. Sprinkle Natto (F_002) x 1
  4. Ten Grain Miso Seasoning Powder Type (F_148) x 1
  5. Otoko-no-Negiabura (F_142) x 1
  6. Yuzukosho from Tokyo (F_051) x 1
  7. Haterumaseito Sugarcane (F_146) x 1
  8. Ripe sauce of vegetables and fruits (F_054) x 1

The box set includes 8 types of Japan food and seasoning.

FREE SHIPPING! All deliver from Japan directly!

Product Information

1. Rice Honey Biscuits 

Producing area: Ishikawa Prefecture
Manufacturer name: Hokuriku Confectionery
Ingredients: Wheat flour (wheat (100% from Hokkaido)), shortening, sugar cane, barley flour, rice candy, wheat starch, coconut milk, brown rice amazake, salted koji, salt / leavening agent
Size: (Unknown because the product for sale is undecided. Size does not need translation)

2. Kyaraimo Cube Plain

Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Miyazaki
Manufacturer: e-to Co. , Ltd.
Ingredients: Sweet Potato (Produced in Minamikyūshū) , Rice Bran Oil, Sugar (Japanese Sugarcane) , Butter (Contains Milk) , Salt, Cocoa Butter
Allergens: Milk, Soybean
Size / Capacity: 90g
Weight (Contents inc.): 105g

3. Sprinkle Natto 

Producing area: Kumamoto Prefecture

Manufacturer name: Tsuho
Ingredients: Dried natto (including soybeans) (Japan production), kelp, dried paste, sardines, sugar, matcha flavored granules (including wheat and chicken), soy sauce, hail, salt, mirin, fructose, fermented seasoning, yeast Extract, dried sardines, grilled shrimp, seafood extract, bonito flake, brown sugar honey, dextrin, kelp, dried bamboo shoots, grilled chin (flying fish)
Size: Width 100 x Depth 50 x Height 180 mm

Weight: 40g

4. Ten Grain Miso Seasoning Powder Type 

Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Saga
Manufacturer: Maruhide Shoyu Co., Ltd.
Ingredients: Ten Grain Miso (Soybean (Non-GM) , Barley, Salt (Goto Salt) , Nonglutinous Rice, Black Rice, Red Rice, Mung Bean, Millet, Green Rice, Adlay, Sawa Millet) , Dextrin
Size / Capacity: 60g
Weight (Contents inc.): 100g

5. Otoko-no-Negiabura 

Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Oita
Manufacturer: Yuka Co., Ltd.
Ingredients: Vegetable Fat & Oil(Rapeseed Oil) Cayenne Pepper White Onion(Grown in Bungotakada) Ginger Garlic
Size / Capacity: 45g
Weight (Contents inc.): 150g

6. Yuzukosho from Tokyo

*Please note that the expiry date of this product is 15 Oct, 2021*

Producing area: Tokyo
Manufacturer name: Edo Tamagawaya
Ingredients: Yuzu, green pepper, salt
Weight: 40g

7. Haterumaseito Sugarcane

Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Okinawa
Manufacturer: Haterumaseito Co., Ltd.
Ingredients: Sugarcane
Size / Capacity: 50g
Weight (Contents inc.): 60g

8. Ripe sauce of vegetables and fruits 

Producing area: Shizuoka Prefecture
Manufacturer name: Torii Sauce
Ingredients: Vegetables / fruits (tomatoes / apples / onions / carrots / garlic / others: brewed vinegar, crude sugar, salt, spices
Capacity: 200 ml


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