★ 1 Set Only!★ Japanese Food & Seasoning Box Set C (FREE SHIPPING) 0611-04

★ 1 Set Only!★ Japanese Food & Seasoning Box Set C (FREE SHIPPING) 0611-04

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Introduction of Food & Seasoning Box Set C

It includes the following Japanese food:

  1. Otoko-no-Negiabura (F_142) x 1
  2. Rice Honey Biscuits (F_019) x 1
  3. Goto Udon - Soup Included (2 Servings) (F_143) x 1
  4. Rockfish Fish Sauce Seaweed (F_133) x 1
  5. "Tsurusho" Soy Sauce (F_004) x 1
  6. Yuzukosho from Tokyo (F_051) x 1
  7. Ripe sauce of vegetables and fruits (F_054) x 1

The box set includes 7 types of Japan food and seasoning.

FREE SHIPPING! All deliver from Japan directly!

Product Information


  • Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Oita
  • Manufacturer: Yuka Co., Ltd.
  • Ingredients: Vegetable Fat & Oil(Rapeseed Oil) Cayenne Pepper White Onion(Grown in Bungotakada) Ginger Garlic
  • Size / Capacity: 45g

Rice Honey Biscuits

  • Producing area: Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Manufacturer name: Hokuriku Confectionery
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour (wheat (100% from Hokkaido)), shortening, sugar cane, barley flour, rice candy, wheat starch, coconut milk, brown rice amazake, salted koji, salt / leavening agent
  • Size: (Unknown because the product for sale is undecided. Size does not need translation)

Goto Udon - Soup Included (2 Servings)

  • Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Nagasaki
  • Manufacturer: Nagasaki Marché Jimo
  • Ingredients:
  • ・Udon: Wheat Powder(Made in Japan), Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Camellia Oil
  • ・Soup Mix: Salt(Produced Locally), Sugar, Powdered Soy Sauce, Frigate Mackerel Seasoning, Powdered Dried Sardines, Soy Sauce, Kelp Powder, Fried Flying Fish, Welsh Onion/Seasoning(Amino Acids Etc.), Caramel Coloring, (Contains wheat and soybean)
  • Size / Capacity: 180g
  • Weight (Contents inc.): 225g

Rockfish Fish Sauce Seaweed

  • Prefecture of Origin / Seller: Hyogo
  • Manufacturer: Hyogo Fishing Industry Federated Association
  • Ingredients: Dried Seaweed (Produced in Seto Inland Sea, Hyogo) , Sugar, Rockfish Fish Sauce, Salt, Mirin, Kelp (Ingredients contain part soy / wheat)
  • Allergens: Wheat (※Fish sauce is being manufactured in the same factory where products including both crab and shrimp are manufactured.)
  • Size / Capacity: 15 bundles
  • Weight (Contents incl.): 140g

"Tsurusho" Soy Sauce

  • Producing area: Kagawa Prefecture
  • Manufacturer name: Yamaroku Shoyu
  • Ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt
  • Weight: 145ml

Yuzukosho from Tokyo

  • Producing area: Tokyo
  • Manufacturer name: Edo Tamagawaya
  • Ingredients: Yuzu, green pepper, salt
  • Weight: 40g

Ripe sauce of vegetables and fruits

  • Producing area: Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Manufacturer name: Torii Sauce
  • Ingredients: Vegetables / fruits (tomatoes / apples / onions / carrots / garlic / others: brewed vinegar, crude sugar, salt, spices
  • Capacity: 200 ml

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