A wonderful skin care product born from the mythical land of Izumo is now available at FUN! JAPAN SELECT SHOP. 

kiu (祈雨) is a skin care brand born from a traditional magatama making company founded in 1901 in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. 

With the theme of prayer, kiu is developing products derived from plants that are gentle on the skin, using Izumo Wakan herbs and the hot spring water of Tamatsukuri Onsen. 

Reset your mind and body with items from kiu and spend a relaxing time wrapped in a gentle scent. 

■Makomo Face Soap

"禊 Misogi (Ablutions)"

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■ Staff comments

Staff A (dry skin):The bubbling capability was not strong, but it was creamy bubble (foamed by hand without using the foaming net). The scent is slightly elegant. After washing, it was refreshing and moist.

■Yamamomo Face Soap

"縁 En (Fate)"

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■Staff comments

Staff M (normal skin):Uses a foaming net. It had a nice scent and was comfortable to wash with fine foam. The washed skin became smooth.

Staff A (dry skin): It was very comfortable to wash with the fluffy scent of geranium. I think it was the most moisturizing post-wash of the three types.

■Usagi-no-Shio Face Soap

"清 Kiyome (Purification)"

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■Staff comments

Staff A (dry skin):It has a refreshing and elegant scent. The post-wash was the most refreshing of the three types of soap. There is a feeling that the skin becomes tightened. It feels clean and comfortable to wash, but for me with dry skin, I needed enough moisturizer after washing.

■Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask

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Tamatsukuri Onsen hot spring water

The hot spring water used for kiu's items uses the spring water from the source of Tamatsukuri Onsen, which springs from the premises of the main store "Menoya", which sells the ancient Japanese amulet "Magatama". Since ancient times, the hot spring water of Tamatsukuri Onsen, which is said to be the hot spring of God and the hot spring of beautiful skin, has been used for the Shinto Ritual of Misogi.