[CD] Takuma Ishii - TANZ

[CD] Takuma Ishii - TANZ
[CD] Takuma Ishii - TANZ

[CD] Takuma Ishii - TANZ

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Thrilling Classical Music! Popular YouTuber Pianist from Vienna

In 2016, he achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first Japanese pianist to win second prize in the piano division of the George Enescu International Competition. While pursuing his career as a performer both in Japan and abroad, he also launched a YouTube channel under the name "TAKU-音 TV たくおん." In just two years, his channel has amassed over 41 million views and has garnered more than 180,000 subscribers. All of his recital tours have been sold out. He independently produced CDs, which have sold over 4,000 copies through online sales and concert sales. His major distribution debut CD, "TANZ," released by Eplus Music, to which artists like Hayato Tsuno are affiliated, features a unique selection of classical music, including waltzes and folk dances. It includes familiar piano pieces such as Erik Satie's "Piccadilly," which gained attention as the theme song for Daihatsu's "Move Canbas" commercial, and Béla Bartók's "Romanian Folk Dances," known for being used in the music for the moving scenes of the TV show "Dramatic Transformation Before and After." It is a compilation of the best classical piano works. He completed his undergraduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in piano performance, and went on to graduate with honors from the piano department of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

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1-3 F. Chopin: Waltzes Op.34 "Valse Brillante"
Chopin: Waltz Op.34 No.1
Chopin: Waltz Op.34 No.2
Chopin: Waltz Op.34 No.3 "Cat Waltz"
4 F. Mompou: Canciones y danzas No.6
5 F. Liszt: Soirees de Vienne No.6 ("Valses caprices" de Schubert) S.427
6 F. Schubert: 12 Deutsche Tanze (Landler) D.790
7 M. Falla: Fire Dance from "El Amor Brujo"
Falla: Fire Dance (from the ballet "El Amor Brujo")
8-13 B. Bartok: Roman nepi tancok Sz. 56
Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances
Bot tanc (Stick Dance)
Braul (Sash Dance)
Topogo (Stamping Dance)
Bucsumi tanc (Whistle Dance)
Roman polka (Romanian Polka)
Aprozo (Fast Dance)
14 F. Liszt: Valse de l'opera "Faust" (Gounod) S.407
15 E. Satie: Le Piccadilly (Marche)

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