How is this website different from other shopping websites?

This site is a group buying website for "Japan lovers". We mainly handle original products and products limited to domestic sales, that it is difficult to get it from other ordinary shopping websites from overseas.All products are selected and published by FUN! JAPAN.

In addition, many of the products on display are one-of-a-kind works by Japanese creators. By supporting and purchasing such creators' works, you can have the fun experience to generate new value while shopping.

What is a group buying site?

It is a website that gathers orders aiming for the target number of sales within a fixed time.
There are two types of projects, “goal achievement type” (all or nothing type) and "buyout type" (direct challenge type), and the project completion time and product payment timing differ depending on the type.

The “goal achievement type” is a project in which the project is carried out only when the target amount set by the seller is reached. The product will only be sent out to the buyers after that.
The "buyout type" is a project in which (even if the seller sets a target amount of the project) the project is carried out once you proceed with your payment. If the payment is done without problems, then the procedure to buy that product is done. The product will be shipped to the buyer.

Can I refund my purchase if the goal is not reached?

For “goal achievement type”, payment will be made once at the time of purchase, but if the goal is not achieved, the full amount will be refunded to the specified credit card afterwards.
(* In the case of ""buyout type"", the contract is done at the time of your payment, so no refund will be given.)

Can I cancel/change my order?

Cancellations/changes are not accepted.

Where can I check my purchase history and refund history?

Please check your order confirmation email. If the goal of "goal achievement type" project is not reached, another email will be sent after the refund.

Can I edit my shipping address? 

The address information cannot be changed after placing an order.

Where can I check the delivery date?

Please check the product selling page for more details. There is a different estimated delivery date for each item.

Why does it take a longer time for delivery?

On a normal shopping site, the product is shipped out within a few days after your purchase. But on this site, it takes weeks or months from the time you purchase the product to the time it arrives at you.

The reason is that by fixing the selling period and shipping date, the manufacturing process and delivery process are simplified and the cost is kept as low as possible.

In addition, we will proceed based on the schedule, but due to unpredictable reasons such as reflecting the voice of buyers in the product and the situation of the factory for mass production of the product, the schedule might change. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Which method are you using to send the product?

Delivery will be made by using EMS (Express Mail Service), International Parcel or ECMS Express.

Who should I contact if the item I ordered is not arriving?

If you do not receive the product after the estimated delivery date stated on the product page, please contact funjapan_selectshop@fj-com.co.jp with the order number.

Is there a customs duty at the clearance of goods?

Customs duties may be levied when purchase.
The customs duty will be borne by the purchaser.