Sumac Montane Frying Pan IH Leon 30cm - A Must-have Frying Pan!【1016-11】

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With opportunities to cook at home ever increasing in recent times, surely there are more and more people who are pursuing cooking as a hobby. It’s for that reason, why we would highly recommend this high-quality, lightweight frying pan as a great addition to your “home cooking” collection.

This frying pan is made using stainless aluminum and has been made using spinning techniques allowing for a lightweight and durable finish, even reducing the time for food to cook. Why not try a Japanese-made frying pan next time you’re cooking at home?


    1. The heat dispersion is good and allows for easy and delicious cooking.
    2. It’s super lightweight!
    3. A Japanese maker that has over 60 years of history makes it trustworthy.

    Fast and Equal Heat Dispersion for Quick Cooking!


    This frying pan’s best characteristic is its 2-layer clad metal (Aluminium which is a great heat conductor and stainless steel which has amazing heat retention). Thanks to this, heat passes through anything you’re cooking quickly and evenly, giving an even finish. Furthermore, the food itself finishes with great flavor, and you can even fry without using much oil, allowing for healthier meals if that’s your preference.

    Lightweight, Durable and Easy to Clean!


    Thanks to the spinning method of creation, compared to your typical pressing method frypans, this one is much lighter, durable, and has a much more even spread of temperature. Furthermore, the interior of the frying pan uses Teflon™ platinum allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning.

    Over 60 Years of Self Manufacturing


    Urushiyama metals industrial Co., Ltd. who makes the IH Leon series boasts over 60 years of history creating ironware. They have researched and crafted various different kitchen utensils including fry pans, pots, rice cookers, and much more in their own company’s factory.

    IHレオンシリーズのフライパン 1
    IHレオンシリーズのフライパン 2
    IHレオンシリーズのフライパン 3


    • Size:A 504×B 317×C 145mm
    • Weight:1075g
    • Other:200V/100VInduction cooker included, the heater supports gas and other types of heaters etc. when preparing food (Excluding microwave / oven)
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by urushiyama metals industrial co.,ltd.

    Presented by: Shaddy Co., Ltd.

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