【Japanese Tradition】The Premium Nippon Taste - Fireworks Whiskey Glass (Set of 2) 1204-07
【Japanese Tradition】The Premium Nippon Taste - Fireworks Whiskey Glass (Set of 2) 1204-07

【Japanese Tradition】The Premium Nippon Taste - Fireworks Whiskey Glass (Set of 2) 1204-07

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The Premium Nippon Taste Whiskey Glass Made in Japan

A pair of glasses set with a modern and cool design with a golden pattern on the surface. This is a new work of The Premium Nippon Taste series, which is an imitation of ancient Japanese culture and design on glassware using modern technology and methods. The boldly drawn fireworks and goldfish design centered on the mouthpiece is a very Japanese design. It is a Made in Japan product not only for home use, but also a perfect gift for friends and family.


    1. A Japanese design that expresses the changing seasons from summer to autumn
    2. Fireworks and goldfish come out vividly when you add a drink!
    3. Tableware brand of "Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.", a pioneer of glass products celebrating its 200th anniversary

    Japanese summer tradition, fireworks and goldfish design

    The Premium Nippon Taste Whiskey Glass Made in Japan

     The "The Premium Nippon Taste" series was born out of the desire to let people overseas know the beauty of Japan's four seasons through glasses.

    The design of this glass is "fireworks" and "goldfish". The fireworks reflected on the surface of the water where the goldfish swim and the water crests that overlap there are expressed, and the design is reminiscent of the scene of a summer night in Japan, so it is also recommended as a gift!

    Whiskey glass with a sparkling sparkle and a cool design

    The Premium Nippon Taste Fireworks Whiskey Glass is a glass that uses modern technology and techniques to capture the ancient Japanese culture and seasonal designs. The surface is characterized by a special treatment called "sleet finish", which is attractive for its glittering shine and cool atmosphere.

    A tableware brand from a pioneering manufacturer of glass products that is celebrating its 200th anniversary

    Ishizuka Glass is a glass manufacturer founded in 1819 in Dota, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture. At the time of its founding, the company worked on vidro glass work, and since then the company has manufactured various types of glass and use our advanced glass processing technology to enter the tableware and bottle business. In 1961, the brand "ADERIA" was born with the concept of "always abundant in the immediate vicinity." Among them, the "The Premium Nippon Taste" series is a series that focuses on Japanese-esque. It is popular because it expresses the ancient Japanese culture and the beauty of the four seasons with high glass processing technology.

    Product Information

    • Size:
      • [Main body] Maximum diameter 88mm Mouthpiece diameter 75mm x Height 92mm
      • [Box] Width 180mm x Height 103mm x Depth 89mm
    • Capacity: 345 ml
    • Material: Glass
    • Specifications: Set of 2 glasses
    • Others: In a vanity case
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.


    Presented by: Shaddy Co., Ltd.

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