【Sunset View】Sunset Mountain Tumbler - 2 pieces (1016-09)

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Pouring a Drink Will Tell a Tale with the “Sunset Mountain Tumbler”

The gentle texture of the handmade glass and the precise processing method not only accurately details the motif of nature used on the glass, but also conveys the soul of the crafter. When serving a beer or soda in these glasses, the glass mountains are surrounded with the colors of the sunset, creating a feeling of nostalgia. Enjoy relaxing with your drink as you gaze and sip away at the glory of the sunset that sits in your glass. This truly is a unique tumbler that delivers the ideas of the designers and the masterful techniques of the craftsmen.



  1. A Design That Gets You Excited to Pour a Drink
  2. The Warmth of Each Glass Made by Hand
  3. Beautifully Packaged, Ready to Give as a Gift

A Design Enjoyed by Adults and Kids Alike

A Design Enjoyed by Adults and Kids Alike



A Design Enjoyed by Adults and Kids Alike

The glass mountain has 2 peaks, born to convey the designer’s motto, “People cannot live life alone. Couples, siblings, friends - all people live intricately connected with each other.” When filling this tumbler with beer or soda, the green glass mountains make their appearance.

A Fresh Idea Born from Glass

A Fresh Idea Born from Glass



A Fresh Idea Born from Glass
A Fresh Idea Born from Glass

Due to glass being a transparent material, this design was born thanks to the various layers that only a glass can have – the interior side of the glass, the glass itself, and the exterior side of the glass. The golden hues from the beer or sodas, the clouds inside the tumbler, and the view from the outside that combines them all into a “sunset,” allowing you to relax with a view of dusk in your hands.

The Warmth of Being Handmade and Quality Craftsmanship



The Warmth of Being Handmade and Quality Craftsmanship
The Warmth of Being Handmade and Quality Craftsmanship

Thanks to each of these tumblers being handmade, every single one is unique with slightly different colors and shapes. Being Made in Japan, quality is of utmost importance and each product is masterfully crafted. Packed in a gorgeous box, each glass is carefully packed and shipped with care.

Product Details

  • Glass size: Diameter approx. 8cm x Height approx. 13 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 220g
  • Material: Glass
  • Volume: Approximately 340 ml
  • This product is sold in a set of two.
  • Made in Japan

  • Made by 上越クリスタル硝子株式会社


Other notes:

*Some bubbles may form in the production process, but please be assured that they are not caused by damage.

*Please DO NOT pour hot water as this is not a heat-resistant glass. The glass may crack if rapidly cooled or heated.

*DO NOT use in a dishwasher or dish dryer.

*Please DO NOT put the glass in the refrigerator.

*DO NOT use cleansers, abrasive sponges, or metal brushes when washing.

*DO NOT use the glass for storing knives, forks, spoons, etc. They can damage the tumbler.

*After use, clean it immediately and let it air dry before storing.


Presented by: Shaddy Co., Ltd.


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