Perfect for Adults and Children Alike - Nakamori “Soft Gauze Throw / Wearable blanket / Bib / Handkerchief Set”【1016-17】

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”ふんわりガーゼ”が大人も子供も魅了。ナカモリの「ふわら ガーゼケット・スリーパー・スタイ・ハンカチセット」

If you’re someone who thinks things like “I want to give my baby something that’s more kind to their skin…” or “I want to let them wear clothes that are soft to the touch…”, then know you’re not alone. Mothers around the world are all thinking the exact same thing. Japan’s baby-related products are recognized around the world as being some of the best on the market thanks to their high quality. Nakamori focuses on the details of their products and doesn’t use any chemicals in production, meaning that no matter who you are or where you live, you can rest easy knowing that this gauze throw is weaved with love and care.


    1. Perfect for people who want to give their child the perfect gift
    2. It’s recognized as safe by OEKO-TEX giving peace of mind
    3. Highly recommended for people looking for a gift to give to a brand new mother

    The Secret behind its Softness?




    This hex-weave gauze throw, as the name suggests, has been weaved 6 times over. The more you use it, the more air gets in between each individual layer, giving it a softer and softer texture as time passes. By the way, the thinnest gauze is known as a single gauze, and with the aim of creating things such as clothes and accessories, there is double gauze, triple gauze, and so forth, which attire is typically made from. Hex-weave gauze is the thickest material out of them all and has the most familiar and heartwarming feel.

    Chemical and additive-free




    During the creation of the product, no additives or chemicals are used, meaning people with sensitive skin can use the product without worry. This also means that mothers need not worry about their child having any issues with the blanket, so no matter who you are, or the reason you’re wanting to purchase the throw, there should be no issues.

    OEKO-TEX Guarantee

    The OEKO-TEX 100 Standard is a recognition given by the international community OEKO-TEX which is recognized worldwide when it comes to goods manufactured using textiles. It is a recognition that shows the product has passed all the strict tests for dyes and other chemicals used from the material itself down to the hooks and buttons. The test itself relates to everything down to the quality control and making of the products, and all tests must be cleared perfectly to receive the recognition. Once these tests have been passed, the product maker is able to attach the OEKO-TEX label to their product. If the product you’re buying has this tag, that means you can rest easy knowing there are no harmful products being used.


    • Contents:Gauze Throw x1, Wearable blanket x1, Bib x1, Handkerchief x2
    • Size:Gauze Throw 70x100cm, Wearable Blanket 40x56cm, Bib 20x30cm, Handkerchief 28x28cm
    • Material:100% Cotton
    • Other:Vanity Box
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by Nakamori


    Presented by: Shaddy Co., Ltd.

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