Made in Japan wooden cup with a cute round design and wood grain - "Cup SHIRO TILT"【1113-06】

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Made in Japan wooden Cup SHIRO TILT

Rounded design. A wooden cup with a soft shape, with metal parts on the bottom that create movement. The size is easy for women to hold, and it is designed to suit any drink, such as soft drinks and wine. The bottom is made of brass, and by turning the glass around the metal base, the wine’s flavour opens firmly and the aroma stands out.


    1. A cup made of zelkova with beautiful wood grain. The round shape makes it cute and easy to hold
    2. A discerning product created by a long-established manufacturer that represents the birthplace of Takaoka copperware, which has a tradition of 400 years.
    3. If you swirl the cup using metal base as the axis, the usual wine aroma will be more delicious!

    A luxurious cup that can be used for any drink


    Made in Japan wooden Cup SHIRO TILT

    Since the central part has a raised structure, it will not fall while tilting. The craftsmanship of processing brass in millimeters is utilized. A sophisticated design that gives you a sense of luxury and the warmth of wood. This product has received high praise from overseas. Recently, free cups which can be used with any type of liquor are popular, but this product also has a turquoise brass bottom, making it easy to turn the wine glass.

    Wooden cups made from Zelkova that are also used in temples and shrines


    Made in Japan wooden Cup SHIRO TILT

    The big feature is the beautiful grain of wood on the surface! The zelkova is carefully shaved and finished with a clear paint to make the most of the beauty of the wood grain. Zelkova has a beautiful grain and is a hard material that is resistant to friction. It has been used in various buildings since ancient times as a representative of Japanese high-class wood. The zelkova, which has been favorably used for the main pillars of shrines and temples, castles and castle gates, is finished with a round and soft curvaceous beauty only with Japanese manufacturing technology.

    You can drink your usual wine more fragrant and delicious

    The best feature of the cup is that it can be swirled around the brass base. Normally, the wine poured from a freshly opened bottle is closed (flavour does not come out), and the aroma opens up when it comes into contact with the air over time. Since the brass part of Cup SHIRO TILT is angled, when placed on a table etc., the entire cup tilts and rotates smoothly like a top around the bottom part. How about a slightly fashionable gift that will surprise wine lovers?

    Product Information

    • Size: Diameter about 7.5 cm x Height about 10 cm
    • Capacity: Approximately 225 ml (full capacity)
    • Weight: 166g
    • Material: Zelkova, brass

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