Increase Your Quality of Sleep - No More Need to Count Sheep with the "Hitsuji-no-Iranai Makura"【0205-04】

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When you're struggling to fall asleep, have you ever found yourself counting sheep? A brand-new pillow that will make that completely unnecessary has been developed and released! This is the "Hitsuji-no-iranai Makura" which vaguely translates to "The pillow which will make it so you don't need to count sheep". It's perfect when you need to get a good night's sleep. We're going to be delving into why this pillow is so good at helping you get a good nights rest in this article, read more below!


    1. The pillow is great for increasing the quality of sleep.
    2. Thanks to the memory-foam like material that's been used, it fits perfectly to your head, allowing for the perfect sleeping position!
    3. The triangular shapes and activated carbon material has great functionality.

    The Secret to Good Sleep 1: Triangular Lattice Structure



    The detailed triangular lattice structure absorbs and disperses pressure, allowing your head to rest at the perfect position, almost as if it's being cradled, letting you sleep sound and easy. This triangular lattice structure was made by ergonomic professionals and will fit any head the instant it hits the pillow. This structure also has excellent breathability. This means your head will be kept cool throughout the night, and improve overall sleep quality.

    The Secret to Good Sleep 2: Comfortable Material



    The "Hitsuji-no-iranai Makura" is made from activated carbon. It's sturdy, soft, and flexible. The pillow itself is not too hard neither too soft, it helps alleviate stress on your neck when sleeping, and thanks to the activated carbon, the pillow has been specially created to ensure your neck is perfectly supported during your sleep.


    Activated carbon is a material that hardly ever gets mold or smells, this alone makes it a lot more clean compared to the typical pillow. If you're worried about the pillow getting dirty, you're able to wash it easily. It boasts at least a 10-year lifespan!

    A Manufacturer that Chases the Perfect Sleeping Environment


    The Japanese company TAIYO uses new materials, new technology, and new techniques to create convenient outdoor products as well as perfected sleeping equipment through research. To ensure "good sleep", they aim to provide their customers with not only the comfortability but the functionality as well. This is a product created using the most important things for sleep and is why we're sure the "Hitsuji-no-iranai Makura" will be the pillow that allows you to sleep well and sound.

    Product Information

    • Size:520×340×80/100mm(Height×Width×Thickness)
    • Color:Black
    • Weight:3.2kg
    • Material:
      • Main Pillow:Thermoplastic Elastomer
      • Cover:Polyester,Other Fibers(Tencel)
    • Made in Japan
    • Manufacturer:TAIYO

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