From the Brand Professional Makeup Artists Love - Kumano Makeup Brush for Face -Hitsu no Kokoro-【1016-07】

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One defining feature of Kumano brushes is the soft to the touch natural hair used in their construction. The ends of the hair are not trimmed during processing, giving it a very smooth and supple feel. This face brush is great at picking up powder or liquid formulas, and gives a clean and smooth application. Although this tool is loved by makeup artists, it’s so easy to use that anyone can create a flawless look with it.



  1. Professionals well-known Kumano Brand Brushes 

  2. The Brushes which professional makeup artists use

  3. Made in Japan product which is the best for people who like makeup

What Makes Kumano Brand Brushes So Special?


Kumano brushes are a trademark registered brand of the Kumanofude Cooperative. This brand is famous not only for its long history, but its strictly kept standards to continue creating high quality products. Here are a few examples:

  • The bristles are made of various materials, including animal fur, synthetic fibers, plant fibers, feathers, etc.
  • A skilled artisan will use special scissors chosen by the brand to cut the bristles.
  • The manufacturing plant for Kumano brushes is located in Hiroshima prefecture’s Kumano. When using outsourced materials or services, the brand strictly adheres to doing business within Kumano or the area nearby.

Thus, you can see the effort put forth to maintain the high quality of the Kumano brushes brand. Kumano is considered the top brush manufacturer in all of Japan.

The Secret of Soft and High Performance Brushes

First and foremost, each brush is diligently crafted one-by-one by skilled artisans. Kumano believes a product used by people should be handcrafted by a person as well, not machines. Secondly, the artisans making the brushes strictly adhere to a method of creating bristles for the brushes not by cutting the materials, but by arranging them in a way to enhance their natural softness. Unlike other brush brands that use machines to cut the ends of their bristles and may feel uncomfortably “pokey” or irritate the skin, Kumano brushes are supple and soft to the touch.

Quality at a Reasonable Price Point


There are many products within the Kumano cosmetic brush line, some which are quite expensive due to the fees that come with maintaining in-house quality of the brand. However, this line manages to maintain the Kumano quality while offering its products at a reasonable price point.

Product Details


  • Dimensions: 205×78×27 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Materials: High quality goat hair
  • Made in Japan

  • Made by ZENITH CO.,LTD



Presented by: Shaddy Co., Ltd.


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