Compact yet excellent storage capacity! "Bifold half-size tracker wallet"【1113-05】

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Made in Japan REDMOON Bifold half-size tracker wallet


"REDMOON" continues to create innovative products in the world of Japanese leather crafts. It is carefully handmade by skilled craftsmen/craftswomen, and is known for its commitment to cowhide and the more it is used, the more it tastes better. Introducing a functional wallet that has excellent storage capacity and can store banknotes without folding them, even though it is a palm-sized compact wallet!


    1. "RED MOON" the leather maker who continues to innovate, leading the leather products industry
    2. As you use it, it becomes glossier and you can enjoy aging leatherware
    3. Palm-sized, securely stores bills, cards, and coins

    Despite its palm-sized, the inner is excellent.

    Made in Japan REDMOON Bifold half-size tracker wallet


    There are three main features. First, the bills can be stored without folding. The mainstream type of compact wallet is to fold and store bills, but this product can store bills without folding them by inserting bills into the bill space made with a gusset on the bottom of the inner. When pulling out banknotes, just slide them out, but it has a playful charm and quite addictive! Second, there is a coin space surrounded by bellows-style gussets. Since you can grasp the contents immediately, you can put in and take out coins smoothly. The third is storage capacity. There are two card slits on both sides, and each lower layer also has multiple card pockets and a hidden pocket without a gusset.

    Pushed up the leather wallet that was a supporting role into the leading role. Bringing new life to the leather industry and continuing to innovate

    Made in Japan REDMOON Bifold half-size tracker wallet


    The brand "REDMOON" was launched in 1993 by the founder, GOTO Keiichiro, with a vow to create "really good things, things that remain in the world, and things that are useful to third parties." Based on the concept of "evolving basics", the brand started selling leather wallets, which had been a supporting role in fashion until now, under the name "leather wallet". Putting it in jeans’ hip pocket and positioned it as a fashion item as a "wallet for show". The leather material is the original leather of domestic Nume leather. The brand advocated "a change (aging process) that becomes more familiar and color fades as you use it" as the appeal of small leather goods. Based on the philosophy of "new, interesting, and REDMOON-like," we have continued to innovate by creating numerous hit products and breathing new life into the leather products industry.

    Uses cowhide produced in Japan. Enjoy "aging" that feels better to the touch the more you use it

    Made in Japan REDMOON Bifold half-size tracker wallet


    All the leather accessories sold are handmade by young craftsmen wholeheartedly. What should be noted is the commitment to leather. “REDMOON Bifold half-size tracker wallet" uses domestically produced original saddle leather (cowhide). We purchase North American steerhide (bull skin that is two years old) that is thick and has good surface quality, and take time in a tanning pit tank (pool-shaped tanning tank) containing 100% vegetable tannin solvent at a long-established leather factory in Japan. It is not just tanned leather, we use "high-fat leather" made by fattening to increase the strength without sparing time and effort. It is characterized by its heavy pressure, suppleness, toughness and delicate texture, and brings out a deep taste with each use.

    Product Information

    • Size: W 105mm x H 90mm x D 40mm
    • Material: Cowhide
    • Color: black, dark brown, natural
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by REDMOON

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