[kiu (祈雨)] Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask 220412-04

[kiu (祈雨)] Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask 220412-04
[kiu (祈雨)] Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask 220412-04
[kiu (祈雨)] Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask 220412-04
[kiu (祈雨)] Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask 220412-04

[kiu (祈雨)] Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask 220412-04

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Izumo Wakan Lotion Mask

[kiu] is a skincare brand located in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, and was originally established in 1901 creating traditional magatama (comma-shaped beads). They have a wide lineup of skincare products with prayer as their theme that use both Izumo Wakan and hot spring water in their ingredients. The products use no mineral oils, antiseptics, artificial colorants, or paraben, created only using plants registered within the Izumo Fudoki (Description of the culture, climate, etc. of the Izumo Province) as well as spring water from Tamatsukuri Onsen and natural ingredients such as sea salt from the waters around the Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. Not only is the product itself great, but the charming package has been illustrated by Miku Tsuchiya.

kiu @kiu__izumo
TSUCHIYA Miku  @mi9neru

Skincare Charged with Prayers for Tomorrow's Blessed Rain During the 700s, the Izumo Fudoki was created detailing Izumo’s topography, culture, and many of the location’s wild plants. The people of Izumo believed that the falling rain would purify the land, and the wind blow away bad luck, all connecting to the prayers of people wishing to be closer with and thankful for nature. Kiu skincare products are made with ingredients such as wild plants and Tamatsukuri Onsen spring water which were widely used in the lives of the people who lived in the prefecture an age ago. The moisturizing ingredients obtained from plants are kind to the skin, increasing the natural healing power of your skin, and enabling healthy and soft skin. At the end of each day, similar to that of a small ritual for yourself, similar to that of a prayer for tomorrow. Reset yourself with Kiu’s products, heal, manage, and spend valuable time with your skin.

Product Information

Capacity 20ml 1 Packet × 5 / 10
Ingredients Water / Glycerin / BG / Lindera Umbellata Leaves & Branch Water / Zizania Latifolia Leaf Extract / Myrica Leaves/Stem Extract / Spring Water / Citric Acid / Citric AcidNa / Propanediol / Octanohydroxamic Acid
Manufacturer Menoya Co., Ltd.
Made in Japan



 【Cautions When Using Cosmetics & Skincare Products】
Please ensure to take the utmost safety confirming cosmetics and skincare products, we take care to ensure all products can be used on a daily basis without causing irritation or other skin-related issues,
however each and every person's body differs, with age, season, and current condition being able to directly affect the reaction of the skin to the product. If you experience any irritation, rashes, or other such things, please immediately stop using the product
and visit a skin specialist at your earliest convenience.
* Please use with care and ensure no irregularities occur with your skin.
* Please avoid using on wounds, inflamed areas, or on things such as eczema.
* In the event the product directly affects your skin in these ways, please stop use immediately:
 1)If you experience any redness, inflammation, itchiness, sourness, change in color or other such things.
 2)If you experience any of the above things after using the product and being in contact with direct sunlight.
 If you ignore these warnings and continue to use the product it could cause lasting damage to your skin, we recommend consulting a skincare expert at your earliest convenience.

【Cosmetics Storage Method】
Cosmetic products don't change temperatures often, please store out of direct sunlight.
Avoid locations where the product may come into contact with direct sunlight or extremely high or low temperatures.
Please take additional caution during summer, avoid leaving the product anywhere that will come into contact with direct sunlight, especially at places such as the pool or beach, or in your car while it's parked.
Furthermore, in the event you use a dryer in your bathroom the surrounding area may become hot, please avoid leaving the product close to areas which may become hot.
Ensure product is left somewhere small children cannot get to to avoid any accidental ingestion etc.


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