Our Concept

"To deliver the authentic items from Japan to overseas"

"It is time to share Japanese things around the world"

For those who like Japan, FUN! JAPAN buyers select the products Made in Japan & Delivered from Japan to you. Most of the?selected products are packed with Japan's perfectly handled details, unique traditional background, and unbeatable skills. May you find your favorite Japanese thing.

Miscellaneous Goods

We sell carefully selected miscellaneous goods that reflect traditional Japanese techniques and the spirit of manufacturing, such as tableware, leather accessories, and other accessories.

②Character Merchandise

We sell practical and cute character products such as "Hello Kitty" and "Kumamon", which are representative of Japan, as well as figurines, plush toys, bags, wallets, and shop curtains of characters that are popular overseas.

③Food Products

Ingredients carefully selected from all over Japan are made into canned foods and retort foods, and local Japanese gourmet foods are sent directly overseas. We also sell Japanese home-style seasonings, soup stock, freeze-dried soup, fruit jelly and juice products.

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