The beckoning cat with gold leaf is gorgeous! "Good luck beckoning cat (right / left hand) (L)"【1127-10】

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Auspicious beckoning cat by putting gold leaf on the beckoning cat that is said to bring good luck. Since ancient times, "Maneki Neko" (beckoning cat) has been very familiar in Japan as an auspicious figurine that brings good luck and prosperous business.

It is said that a cat raising his right hand invites good luck, and a cat raising his left hand invites people (customers), so it is recommended to decorate it as a set. It's perfect for work or shop objects, and it's also nice to decorate your home interior.


    1. Gorgeous beckoning cat with real gold leaf
    2. There is an oval coin in the hands of the beckoning cat! Premonition of improving your fortune♪
    3. Gold leaf is about 0.0001 to 0.0002 mm thin! Gold figurine made by a long-established brand in Kanazawa

    Gorgeous with a cute expression! Golden beckoning cat

    Big eyes, beckoning gestures, and an oval coin in one hand! "Good luck beckoning cat (right / left hand) (L)" is an auspicious cat figurine made by a long-established manufacturer in Kanazawa. It is said that "Maneki Neko" (beckoning cat) brings happiness just by decorating it in a familiar place, and its cute form is soothing just by looking at it. It also features a color called gold, which is auspicious for "Feng Shui". As you can imagine, gold is the recommended color for the luck of money and for improving your financial fortune.

    It has a Japanese design and is gorgeous, so if you give it to your business partner or your loved one, they would surely be pleased.

    Beckoning Cat using Kanazawa foil, a tradition of 400 years in Kanazawa

    Kanazawa accounts for more than 98% of Japan's gold leaf production. Gold leaf is used in various crafts such as lacquer ware and pottery, as well as temples and shrines with high historical value such as Kinkakuji Temple and Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

    Hakuichi is a long-established brand of Kanazawa foil, which was founded in 1975, and is a company that has been making various trials using gold leaf, starting with crafts, cosmetics, food, and architectural decoration. Gold leaf is said to be about 0.0001 to 0.0002 mm thin, and masterful skills are indispensable for the work of applying that thin gold leaf.

    This "Good luck beckoning cat (right / left hand) (L)" is also a product created by such traditional Japanese techniques.

    The cute and auspicious “Lucky Cat” is rapidly gaining popularity as a gift!

    "Maneki Neko" or beckoning cat has many fans overseas. Due to being an auspicious gift and being a lovely cat figurine, its popularity has skyrocketed recently! It is recommended as a celebration of new store opening and new business, and as a gift for loved ones. How about a small gift for those who like Japan?

    Good luck beckoning cat (right / left hand) (L)

    (right hand)
    (left hand)

    Product information

    • Size
      • [Main body] Length 13 cm x Width 11.5 cm x Height 19 cm
      • [Box] Length 21 cm x Width 19 cm x Height 23 cm
    • Weight: 880g
    • Material: Porcelain
    • Remarks: Comes in a case, wooden tag, and stand
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by HAKUICHI Co., Ltd.

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