Premium Dashi Master Bonito Flavor 10 packs (Set of 3)【F_060】

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    The Introduction of Premium Dashi Master Bonito Flavor 10 packs

    A high-quality aroma, richness and umami are created by properly blending the savory aged Honboshi with Soda-bushi from Kochi prefecture and dried sardines. You can enjoy the finest soup stock made from Hokkaido kelp with a deep flavor.

    The Product Information of Premium Dashi Master Bonito Flavor 10 packs

    • Producing area: Kochi Prefecture

    • Manufacturer name: Morita Katsuobushi
    • Ingredients: bonito flakes, dried sardines, dried sardines, mackerel sardines, kelp
    • Weight: 100g (10g x 10 bags)

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    Customer Reviews

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    I like to use the Japan Dashi Master Bonita when prepare the soup. Good Taste. Easy Prepare.

    Great to hearing that you like the product. Hope to serve you in the coming future too.
    Once again, Thank you very much for the purchase and review!