Online Mt. Fuji Climbing & Izakaya in Easy Japanese

Online Mt. Fuji Climbing & Izakaya in Easy Japanese
Online Mt. Fuji Climbing & Izakaya in Easy Japanese

Online Mt. Fuji Climbing & Izakaya in Easy Japanese

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FUN! JAPAN is holding special online events in December that combines “Japanese culture/traditions” with “Japanese language”.

We frequently receive requests from FUN! JAPAN members who are studying Japanese that they would like to have opportunities to speak with Japanese people in Japanese and to know Japanese words related to Japanese culture and traditions. Therefore, we are holding a special online event that you can listen/speak Japanese and at the same time gain knowledge about Japanese culture and traditions.

We are holding two types of events. One is themed Mt. Fuji and the other is themed Izakaya, Japanese version of a pub. Each online event invites a Japanese guest who are knowledgeable about the respective topic and explain them in simple and easy Japanese.

These events will focus on interactive communication in Japanese. Participants are given the opportunities to answer quizzes and ask questions, making these events perfect for those who want to speak Japanese or check their own Japanese level.

Events will be conducted in simple Japanese, with no simultaneous interpretation. We recommend that people whose Japanese language level is above daily conversation level participate.

【Event #1】 Online Fuji Climbing with Professional Guides

Join us for an online Mt. Fuji climbing with a professional mountain guide who knows Mt. Fuji very well.

• Slide presentation with various photos about the journey from the Mt. Fuji 5th station to the summit:Starting at the 5th station, staying overnight at Taishikan, a mountain lodge at the 8th station, and arriving at the summit to watch the beautiful sunrise.
• Introducing useful knowledge and Japanese for mountaineering
• Introducing must-eat food and must visit spot at Mt. Fuji
• Quiz about Mt. Fuji
• Q&A session

This is a 90-minute session to deepen your knowledge about Mt. Fuji!

Participants will receive a "summit certificate" to certify that they have virtually reached the summit of Mt. Fuji!

The event will be conducted in Japanese, but the slides will be written in both Japanese and English.
*The guide will not actually climb the mountain during the event.

Event Overview
<Date and Time>
1. Wed December 14, 2022:
19:30-21:00 Malaysia Time(20:30-22:00 Japan Time)

2. Fri December 16, 2022:
19:30-21:00 Malaysia Time(20:30-22:00 Japan Time)
* Both events have the same content.

<Price> 2,000 yen
<Online meeting tool> Microsoft Teams
<Number of participants> Max, 15 people

【Event #2】 Online Izakaya:Tips for Enjoying Izakaya 10 Times More

One of the best places to enjoy a night out in Japan is at an Izakaya! This online event will take place at the Tokyo’s izakaya "Natsuiro".

This event will introduce...

  • Useful Japanese words for Izakaya
  • Izakaya rules that may surprise you
  • How to make friends at an Izakaya
  • Let’s order in Japanese!

...and other information that will make your time at Izakaya 10 times more enjoyable! The guest speaker will be Mr. Sawaki, the owner of Natsuiro.

Event Overview
<Date and Time>
Sat December 3, 2022
15:00-16:00 Malaysia Time(16:00-17:30 Japan Time)

<Price> 2,000 yen
<Online meeting tool> Microsoft Teams
<Number of participants> Max, 10people


How to Join

1. Select the event you want to join and purchase the ticket.
2. Within a week of purchase, you will receive an email with the URL of the online meeting (Microsoft Teams) for the event.
3. On the day of the event, access the Online meeting link and join the event. You may enter the meeting room 5 minutes before the event starts.

Please confirm in advance that Microsoft Teams is available before registering to attend.
On the day of the event, please check the communication status and prepare your own viewing environment, including PC, webcam, speakers, microphone, etc. to participate in the event.


Cancellation and Refund

  • Cancellation made by 23:59 on the day before the event: Full refund will be made.
  • Cancellation on the day of the event or no-show: No refund will be made.
    ※Please note that all dates and times related to cancellations are based on Japan time (UTC+9).
  • If you do not enter the meeting room 15 minutes or more after the event start, you will be considered a no-show and the participation fee will not be refunded.
  • No refund or reduction will be made if you leave or join the event in the middle of the event.
  • During the event, there is a possibility that the video image may be disrupted, or communication may be cut off due to the communication environment. In such cases, the participation fee will not be refunded or reduced.
  • Recording/recording, screenshots, and photography of the event are prohibited.
  • Costs associated with Internet communications are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Any comments or actions that are offensive to public order and morals during the event may result in the forcible ejection of the participant from the event. In such cases, the participation fee will not be refunded.
  • Resale of the right to participate in the event or participation by anyone other than the applicant is prohibited.
  • Depending on the questions asked by participants during the event, we may not be able to answer them.
  • The event will not request any personal information from you other than the information provided by you in advance (email address and name).
  • What guests and FUN! JAPAN staff say at the event is their personal view and opinion. We do not make any guarantees regarding the information provided.

This event is not a Japanese conversation class intending to teach Japanese. This event is intended to be used as an opportunity for those who are studying Japanese to test their Japanese language skills.

For inquiries, please contact:



  • What is the response time for inquiries?
    We accept inquiries by e-mail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but we will respond within business days (10 to 17 o'clock on weekdays in Japan time). In the case of no-business days such as weekends, holidays, etc., it will be handled on the next business day. Thank you for your understanding.



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