Kyojurakuan oldnew Irodori Yasai (vegetables) (Set of 2)【F_095】

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    The Introduction of Kyojurakuan oldnew Irodori Yasai (vegetables))

    Colorful vegetables grown cut into round slices or sticks are fried in vegetable oil. Enjoy the crispy texture!

    The Product Information of Kyojurakuan oldnew Irodori Yasai (vegetables)


    •  Sweet potato chips 32g
    • French fries (salt) 25g
    • Purple sweet potato chips 20g
    • Cherry tomato chips 7g
    • Japanese white radish chips 4g
    • Lotus root chip 4g
    • Pumpkin chips 4g
    • Carrot chips 4g
    • Red radish chip stick 4g
    • Okra chips 3g
    • Decorative sweets 3g
    • ARARE: Rice crackerIngredients: [Hitokuchi Tagane] Glutinous rice (Japan), tamari soy sauce, sugar, water candy, shiitake mushroom extract, kelp extract, (some of the ingredients include wheat and soybeans) [Matcha Arare] Glutinous rice (Japan), sugar, matcha [Ginger ARARE] Glutinous rice (Japan), sugar, ginger powder [Sakura Ao nori ARARE Glutinous rice (Japan), vegetable oil, aosa powder, salt, protein hydrolyzate, pork extract, spices , Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), Sweeteners (licorice, stevia), (May include soybeans and pork) [Sakurako shrimp hail] Glutinous rice (Japan), vegetable oil, shrimp, salt, salt, protein water Decomposed products, pork extract, spices, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sweeteners (licorice, stevia), coloring agents (red koji), (some of the ingredients include soybeans and pork) [purple glutinous rice] (Japan), sugar, glutinous rice [decorative confectionery] sugar, glutinous rice powder, glutinous rice, coloring agent (red 3)
    • Vegetable name: Vegetable dry chips: (Ingredient name) [ Sweet potato karinto] Sweet potato, vegetable oil, sugar, water candy [Sweet potato chips] Sweet potato, vegetable oil, sugar [Fried potato salty taste] Potato, vegetable oil, salt, yeast extract, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant (VE ), (Some of the ingredients include soybeans) [Purple sweet potato chips] Sweet potatoes, vegetable oil, sugar [Cherry tomato chip] Mini tomatoes, vegetable oil, maltose, salt [Japanese white radish chips] Green radish, vegetable oil, salt, maltose [ Lotus root chip] Renkon, vegetable oil, tempura flour (dense flour, wheat flour, glucose, salt), emulsifiers, swelling agents, thickeners (guar gum) [Pumpkin chips] Pumpkin, vegetable oil, maltose, salt [Carrot chips] Carrot, vegetable oil, maltose, Salt [Red radish chip stick] Red radish, vegetable oil, salt, maltose [Okura chip] Okura, vegetable oil, maltose, salt [Decorative confectionery] Sugar, cold plum flour, starch, coloring agent (red 3)
      * Allergen: Wheat and soybeans
    • Box size: Approximately 21.8 x 15.5 x 5.5 cm
    • Made by Kyojurakuan
    Presented by: Shaddy Co.,Ltd.

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