【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01
【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01

【LAST ONE SET!】Japan limited item Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box HY1109-01

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The reason behind Japanese foods being known as delicious around the world may just be thanks to the many amazing seasonings and condiments that are used. Soy sauce, salt, miso, dashi… you can probably purchase similar items in your home country, but we’re sure you agree that “made in Japan” products always bring cooking to the next level.

FUN! JAPAN has worked together with Japanese department stores to bring you a set where you can recreate an authentic Japanese meal in your own home! Experience the same flavour you had when travelling, or just try what Japanese people eat normally for the first time, get this limited-time set while they’re available!

    Set Overview

    The 5 items listed below will always be found within this set. The remaining 1-2 items will be recommendations from both FUN! JAPAN and the Japanese department store. We hope you look forward to what we put in!

    • Tsurubishio Soy Sauce
    • Tokyo Yuzukoshō
    • Yukatei Sakura Salt
    • Fruit & Vegetable Sauce
    • Freeze Dry Miso Soup “Shiawase Ippai”(Fried Eggplant Miso Soup etc. Set of 5)

    Another 2 items.

    For more details and an introduction to why this gift box was created and with what concept, check out the “Story Page”.

    Recommended Methods of Eating


    Tsurubishio Soy Sauce which comes from Shōdo Island in Kagawa Prefecture has a very strong smell and flavour making it perfect for sushi or seafood donburi.


    The Freeze Dry Miso Soup “Shiawase Ippai” set goes perfect with a freshly made bowl of rice.

    Product Details

    There are 5 fixed products in one box. 2 more products will be added depending on the season.

    • Tsurubishio Soy Sauce/145ml
      Soya Bean(National)、Wheat(National)、Table Salt
    • Tokyo Yuzukoshō/40g
      Yuzu(Tokyo)、Green Peppers(Tokyo)、Table Sat(Tokyo)
    • Yukatei Sakura Salt/110g
      Table Salt、Sakura Petals、Sakura Leaf、Yuzu、Shiso Vinegar
    • Fruit & Vegetable Sauce/200ml
      Fruits / Vegetables(Apples(Nagano Prefecture)、Tomato、Onion、Carrot、Garlic、Celery)、Unrefined Sugar、Brewed Vinegar、Table Salt、Spices
    • Fried Eggplant Miso Soup/11.3g
      Rice Miso(Soya Beans Inc.)、Fried Eggplant、Spring Onion、thin deep-fried slices of tofu、Startch Decomposition Product、Bonito Kombu Dashi、Startch、Dried Bonito Powder/Antioxidant (V.E)、Polysaccharide Thickener
    • Fluffy Egg Miso Soup/9.6g
      Hen’s Egg、Rice Miso(Soya Beans Inc.)、Bonito Kombu Dashi、Sugar、SCallop Extract、Startch Decomposition Product、Startch、Dried Spring Onion、Dried Bonito Powder/Polysaccharide Thickener、Antioxidant (V.E)
    • Vegetable Miso Soup/10.9g
      Mulukhiya、Rice Miso(Soya Beans Inc.)、Chinese Yam(Japanese Yam)、Startch Decomposition Product、Bonito Kombu Dashi、Dry Okra、Gelatin、Dried Bonito Powder/Polysaccharide Thickener
    • Japanese Mushroom Miso Soup/9.2g
      Rice Miso(Soya Beans Inc.)、Maitake、Shitake、Nameko、Enokitake、Spring Onion、Soybean Miso、Startch Decomposition Product、Bonito Kombu Dashi、Startch、Vegetable Extract Powder、Dried Bonito Powder、Yeast Extract/Polysaccharide Thickener、Antioxidant (V.E)
    • Sesame Seed Green Vegetable Miso Soup/11.2g
      Rice Miso(Soya Beans Inc.)、Cabbage、Spinach、Pumpkin、Japanese Mustard Spinach、Spring Onion、Seasame Paste、Startch Decomposition Product、Bonito Kombu Dashi、Vegetable Fats and Oils、Startch、Dried Bonito Powder/Polysaccharide Thickener、Antioxidant (V.E)
    • Premium Dashi Meijin Skipjack Tuna Flavour 10-pack/100g(10g×10)
      Shaved Bonito Flakes(Nationally Manufactured)、Frigate Tuna Flakes、Dried Sardines、Dried Horse Mackerel、Mackerel Flakes、Kon

    Estimated delivery date

    • Any time from the middle towards the end of the following month after your purchase is made.

     Various seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, and miso soup. This Japanese dining table set gift box has been created through a collaboration of FUN! JAPAN and Japan Department Stores Shokuhinkan.

      A Concept of “A Typical Japanese Household’s Breakfast”

       The concept of this gift box is a “Typical Japanese Household’s Breakfast”. It has a wide variety of delicious foods such as heart-warming miso soup, and various condiments that can be used on fish or for Japanese-style pickled vegetables. It’s a set that allows you to experience the breakfast of a traditional Japanese inn at your own home’s table.

      Delicious Ingredients Confidently Recommended by Japan’s most Experienced Buyers

       We asked experienced Japanese buyers, if they could “recommend a single product that they must have in their household, which would it be?”, this set consists of products from those answers. The products are not for mass consumption or mass production, they have been created through time and effort using delicious, raw ingredients from trusted sources.

      Help Protect Japan’s Culture & History

       Just as an example, the “Tsurubishio” soy sauce which is in the set is made through a hand-crafted wooden pail. There is only a single company across Japan who hand-crafts these pails made for making soy sauce. Why not help support the continued upkeep of this important part of Japanese history and culture through this set? Your purchase could lead to the support of the next generation of craftsmen and women.

      Where the Japanese Dining Table Set Gift Box Stands Out

      ①Tsurubishio Soy Sauce

       This soy sauce is created through a very unique method on Shōdo Island found in Kagawa prefecture by “Yama-Roku Shoyu”. Typical soy sauce is made using soya beans, wheat, and brine, however, this soy sauce takes the typical soy sauce and uses more brine to pickle it further for a deeper flavour. It’s fermented for much longer than normal soy sauce giving it a stronger flavour and scent.

      Tsurubishio Soy Sauce is made in a wooden pail. There is only 1 company in the entirety of Japan that makes these wooden tools. The soy sauce that is being fermented in these wooden pails takes at minimum an entire year to ferment fully. It’s a product that has had hard work and effort put into each and every bottle.

      It goes great with red-meat fish such as tuna and skipjack tuna. It has a strong flavour, so we’d recommend using small amounts of it as a replacement for a dressing or for food cooked by boiling or stewing.


       A condiment that has been gaining popularity as of late in Japan, Yuzukoshō. It is a stimulating combination of the acidic yuzu fruit and spicy pepper, great for noodle and meat dishes.

      Yuzukoshō is being made by a single dried-noodle manufacturer “edo-tamagawaya” which is found in 23 different districts. They created it because they wanted customers to be able to use it when they were eating their udon noodles. The only ingredients are yuzu, pepper, and salt. They’re all created in Tokyo.

      A great characteristic of the Yuzukoshō is that because it’s a paste, it’s really easy to melt into dishes. you can put it straight onto fish or meat, or mix it with some mayonnaise to create a delicious dip!

      ③Freeze Dry Miso Soup “Shiawase Ippai”

      Cosmos Foods is a company located in Hyogo Prefecture that makes freeze dry foods, this is their “Shiawase Ippai” series.

      Through freeze drying the food, it preserves the smell and flavour letting you experience it as it should be. Typical manufacturers freeze the soup alongside the ingredients, but in this set, each ingredient and soup is freeze dried separately, which allows you to taste each individual ingredient properly. No chemical seasonings have been used on this product.

      ④Fruit & Vegetable Sauce

       ”Tory Sauce”, founded in Shizuoka Prefecture’s Hamamatsu City in the 13th year of the Taishō era. Almost all of the vegetables used in their products are sourced nationally to preserve quality, and they use locally sourced goods as much as possible. The vinegar used in their sauces is matured for 2 months to perfection before being used.

      This Fruit & Vegetable sauce uses various ingredients that have been matured such as apples, onions, carrots, tomatoes, their home-brewed vinegar, and salt that has been boiled slowly over a long period of time. The vegetable’s sweetness and fresh vinegar create a beautiful smell. We would recommend it for fried foods as well as boiled vegetables, if you add some consommé then you can also make the perfect sauce for some rolled cabbages! 

      7 Japanese Dining Set Items for Just 5500 JPY

      The FUN! JAPAN HYAKKA Japanese Dining Set has 7 items for a great price of 5500 JPY. We would love for you to experience a traditional and delicious Japanese breakfast.

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      Thanks Fun! Japan Select Shop, I really enjoy the Japan Food.

      Sakura Salt

      The Sakura Salt is cute and beautiful! Is the taste different from other normal salt? XD I would like to try!