Gold leaf that looks like snow on Mt. Fuji in the glass! "Fuji overlooking the sea of clouds - cold sake glass - blue / red"【1204-02】

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Hakuichi cold sake glass Made in Japan

"Gold leaf" is the traditional craft of Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which is said to be Little Kyoto, with old buildings and townscapes remaining. Gold leaf is made by hitting gold with a small amount of silver or copper with a mallet and spreading it very thinly to make it into a foil state. It is used not only for crafts and buildings, but also for cosmetics and food, which instantly creates a luxurious atmosphere. Introducing a pair of cold sake glasses with Mt. Fuji designed in the glasses sold by the long-established gold leaf maker "HAKUICHI"! It is carefully handmade by a glass artist, and each one has a different color, shape, and size, making it one of a kind in the world. The motif is Mt. Fuji, which is said to be auspicious, so why not give it as a wedding gift?


    1. Products using real gold
    2. One of the souvenirs made of gold leaf that you should definitely buy when you travel to Kanazawa!
    3. Made in Japan & can only be bought here!

    Mt. Fuji is designed in the glass and expresses snow with gold leaf

    Hakuichi cold sake glass Made in Japan


    A cold sake glass with Mt. Fuji designed in the glass. It is sold as a set of two colors (pair), "red" that dyes even the clouds floating above Mt. Fuji in red, and "blue" that let the white clouds enhance the blue of Mt. Fuji. Gold leaf represents the snow that has fallen on the summit of Mt. Fuji. While looking down at Mt. Fuji from above, you can pour sake into a glass and enjoy delicious sake. It is planned and sold as a glass for cold sake, but you can decorate it as an interior or put accessories such as rings. Mt. Fuji is said to be auspicious, so it is recommended for celebrations such as wedding gifts and gifts for loved ones.

    "HAKUICHI" conveys its potential and charm through Kanazawa's traditional craft "gold leaf"

    Hakuichi cold sake glass Made in Japan
    ※The photograph is an image. It is not from the workshop.


    Gold leaf is the traditional craft of Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, located in the Hokuriku region. It accounts for more than 98% of Japan's gold leaf production, and the craftsmanship is still inherited. If you look at the history of gold leaf in Kanazawa, it started in 1593. It is said that MAEDA Toshiie, the first feudal lord of the Kaga domain, ordered the production of gold leaf and silver leaf, and has continued to develop and inherit the technology until now.

    "HAKUICHI", which handles such historical gold leaf, started manufacturing and selling crafts in 1975. Today, we plan and sell products in a wide range of genres, not only crafts and architectural decorations, but also cosmetics and sweets, and we are disseminating the infinite possibilities and charms of Kanazawa foil from Kanazawa to the world.

    Feel Kanazawa foil in your daily life! Wide lineup including cosmetics and sweets

    Hakuichi cold sake glass Made in Japan


    When you hear gold leaf, you may think of it as gorgeous and extraordinary, but HAKUICHI is based on the desire to "let you feel the beauty of Kanazawa leaf in everyday life." We also sell handicrafts, interior goods such as watches, and foods such as konpeito with gold leaf, candy with gold leaf, and gold leaf coffee. There are two main product concepts. First, while handing down old-fashioned techniques, a little new technology and design are added, and second, Kanazawa foil is used to enhance its beauty so that the unique texture of materials such as lacquer ware and glass can be maintained. All the products are gems with the feeling of HAKUICHI. Look for it as a gift for your loved one or as a reward for yourself.

    Product Information

    • Size:
      • [Cold sake glass] Approximately φ90 × 75mm *Since each item is handmade, the shape and pattern are different.
      • [Box] Approximately 108 x 108 x 95 mm
    • Material: Glass, real gold leaf No. 4
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by HAKUICHI

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