Let's get relaxed with the glass "coconeco" series with the motif of cat feet!

In recent years, cat-related books and products have flooded Japan, and it seems that there are many people who spread the loveliness of "my house cat" through SNS. I myself also love cats, and I will simply buy pens, notebooks, sticky notes... all the stationeries with cats and illustrations of cats.

This time, Jum of FUN! JAPAN Editor will introduce the reason of the popularity and charm of the popular glass series "coconeco" with the motif of the feet of the "cat".

    The paws are so cute. An irresistible item for cat lovers

    An irresistible item for cat lovers

    The first time I saw this glass, it was so cute and irresistible. What's more, I bought it because there is something similar to the pattern of the house cat I keep in my own country! If you hold it with one hand, it fits in your hand and is very easy to hold.

    The paws are so cute.

    The kitten size is small, so it seems that even a small child's hand can hold it firmly. A pink paw is drawn on the bottom of the glass that expresses the fluffy coat of the cat with polished glass. Every time I drink it, I can see a glimpse of the paws, so I'm glad that I get a little surprise with "Oh, a paw!" kind of reaction.

    If you add a drink such as milk, you will get even closer to the feet of the cat

    If you add a drink such as milk, you will get even closer to the feet of the cat

    The "coconeco" glass is cute no matter what you put in it, but you can enjoy a more realistic "cat's feet" by adding a drink that matches each pattern.

    For example, if you pour milk tea into a “Hyo” (leopard) pattern, it will transform into a leopard cat in a blink of an eye, and if you add pure white milk to the “Mike” (calico) pattern, it will look more like a real cat's feet.

    Thanks to the slightly blurred glass, you can feel the fluffy feeling that is close to the fur of a cat. While you're watching the glass, perhaps you might even feel urged to play with a real cat?

    With a wide variety

    With a wide variety

    There are many variations, and you can choose from 6 types of coat colors: Tora (tabby), Buchi (cow), Mike (calico), Hyo (leopard), Tiger, and Muji (plain), and 2 types of size, parent cat size and kitten size.

    With a wide variety

    Not only the patterned ones, coconeco also has a simple and grownup-like cute "Muji" (plain, single color cat). When you add your favorite coffee, the pattern will come out as plain black cat.

    The "coconeco" series is the perfect item for spending time at home or relaxing. Not only as a gift for yourself, but also as a gift for cat lovers. If you give the glass with the same pattern as the pet cat, the receiver will surely be pleased!

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