Encounter with Tessho's frying pan. ★Plus frying pan recipe for Japanese households (and omurice instructional video!)

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I'm REI; I have been living in Japan for over 20 years and is currently a FUN! JAPAN Editor and housewife. Since I came to Japan, I've been surrounded by Made in Japan things, but kitchen utensils are indispensable for me who loves cooking. Sometimes it's easier to use items from my own country, but there are many Japanese products in my kitchen that are of good quality and last a long time.

This time, I will introduce one of them, an iron frying pan. You might think, "Eh? An iron frying pan? That’s nothing unusual because we have them in our own country...", but please listen a little more regarding this frying pan, which is very light but made of iron and makes delicious food. I will also introduce the recipe for frying pan dishes that I learned in Japan.

    Three reasons why the frying pan is made of iron in the first place

    Three reasons why the frying pan is made of iron in the first place


    The thermal conduction makes the food delicious! Do you know the reason why?

    Everyone knows that the more you use an iron frying pan, the more familiar it is with oil and the higher its thermal conductivity. But why does cooking taste better when it has high thermal conductivity? This is because it can be cooked in a short time with strong heat, so the taste of the ingredients can be quickly contained within. After knowing that, I can't let my hand off of the iron frying pan.

    Can be used semi-permanently

    Fluororesin-processed frying pans usually have their fluororesin layer peeled off during use, and you need to replace them every few years. On the other hand, it is said that an iron frying pan can be used semi-permanently. If it is Made in Japan one, you can rest assured that the quality is high.

    Being able to get a good amount of iron

    Since iron dissolves in the ingredients from the frying pan, you can ingest iron naturally. Women are sure to be happy.

    But iron frying pan is heavy... so what's the solution?


    But iron frying pan is heavy... so what's the solution?

    But it does not come with only good side. Iron frying pans are often heavy anyway. Since it is used every day, weight is also an important point. Iron frying pans generally weigh about 2 kg for a size of about 30 cm in diameter. If it is the same size and made of aluminum, it weighs only about 1 kg. The iron craftsman's frying pan I use weighs just 1.2 kg, which is almost as light as an aluminum one, even though it is made of iron. As a result, using it for cooking is not a hassle.

    By the way, the handle of the frying pan is recommended to be made of wood or resin, which does not easily transfer heat. The Tessho’s one is made of wood, which is good news for those who love cooking like me.

    Encounter with Tessho's frying pan

    Encounter with Tessho's frying pan


    I received Tessho's frying pan as a gift from a friend. When I first received the box, I couldn't imagine it contained an iron frying pan. Because it was so light.

    When I opened the box and actually held the frying pan in my hand, I could imagine of various dishes in my head. I wonder if I should make kakuni pork, shark fin soup, or even simple stir-fried vegetables and egg dishes; no matter which, everything will be delicious. Since then, I have used it frequently for cooking. Of course, I also cook the dishes I learned in Japan!

    A recipe for cream stew that is often found in common Japanese households

    A recipe for cream stew that is often found in common Japanese households


    In Japan, cream stew is popular among men and women of all ages. It seems that they are often made and eaten at home rather than at restaurants. It has become a staple in my home, too. Please take a look at my recipe and try it.

    Ingredients (for two servings)

    • Salmon 2 slices (you can cut it into bite-sized pieces)
    • White wine 1 tablespoon
    • Salted butter 20 g
    • Water 200 ml
    • Milk 200 ml
    • Consomme granules 1 teaspoon

    • Onion (1/2 cut) 80g (sliced into thin slices)
    • Potatoes (1/2 cut) 50g (Peel and remove sprouts and cut into bite-sized pieces.)
    • Carrot (1/3 cut) 50g (Peel and cut into bite-sized pieces.)


    • Cake flour 2 tablespoons
    • Salt 2 sprinkles
    • Black pepper 2 sprinkles

    • Green beans about 10 stalks
    • Broccoli (1/3 bunch) 50g (cut into bite-sized pieces)


    1. Melt salted butter in a frying pan, heated to medium heat and fry the set of ingredients “A”.
    2. When the onions are tender, add salmon and white wine and fry over medium heat.
    3. Add set of ingredients “B” and fry lightly on medium heat. When they are no longer powdery, add water and simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes.
    4. Boil the set of ingredients “C” in salt water.
    5. When the potatoes and carrots are cooked, add milk and consomme granules, mix, add ingredients from step “4”, and simmer on low heat for about 3 minutes to complete.

    As long as I can make delicious food in a short time in my busy life, I am happy. I think there are iron frying pans in your country, too, but please try using the Made in Japan ones. It may be interesting to compare it with your own iron frying pan.

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