Fukugen Brewery

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    We are determined to maintain the high quality of sake by refusing to brew bulk quantities. An essential part of the brewing process is the care and attention brought to the process by the brewing master and his skilled artisans. The natural surrounding in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, its unspoiled location, fresh spring pure water from the Northern Japan Alps and naturally grown organic Sake-rice are all elements in the carefully preserved Sake brewing formula. Not influenced by the current mass-production to brew, we are keeping our own traditional way to produce our own “FUKUGEN Sake”.
    At Fukugen, we believe that the very nature of Nagano is our indispensable treasure. We ask regional farmers to cultivate the sake-rice organically. Naturally, this product of nature’s blessing is the essence of Fukugen sake.
    The clarity of the crystal clear underground water from the Fukugen’s well amazes even geologists. This water vein from the Northern Japan Alps provides Fukugen with the most appropriate water for sake production. The sake of Fukugen is creatively produced by skilled artisans with thorough knowledge of the nature of this singular mid-hard water, and they match it with the best sake-rice and yeast.

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    Company Information

    Company name Fukugen Brewery
    Address 2100, Ikeda, Ikedamachi, Kitaazumigun, Nagano, 399-8601
    Founded Brewing Sake Since 1758
    Representative Atsuo Hirabayashi
    Awards CINVE’S 2019 Sake & Shochu Contest: Gold Prize
    Nagano Prefecture Sake Contest: Governor's Award
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