A wallet with a cute owl motif is recommended ♪ "Asakusa Bunko" where the handiwork of craftsmen is clear!

Because "wallets" are something that you always use every day, you want to choose a wallet that is not only designed but also quality.
Therefore, this time, we will introduce the wallet of "Asakusa Bunko" which is made wholeheartedly by the craftsmen of "Asakusa Bunko", who was originally a kimono maker, by applying the technology of kimono.


    A high-class "Asakusa Bunko" wallet that uses kimono dyeing technology.

    "Asakusa Bunko" sells leather products that incorporate Japanese kimono technology.
    Everything from leather selection to sewing is carefully crafted by craftsmen who put their commitment to reliable techniques and materials into their leather wallets.

    When you touch it, you can enjoy the plump feel that fits in your hand and the delicate craftsmanship of the craftsmen. This time, the editor carefully selected an L-shaped zipper long wallet with a too cute cat motif / auspicious "owl" motif. Please check it out!

    Carefully selected ① L-shaped zipper long wallet with a cute and dynamic cat motif

    It's irresistible for cat lovers! A long wallet with curling cats and flower crests.

    Cats raise one hand like a beckoning cat, or raise both hands to stretch out, so pay attention to each one! It's cute and soothing.

    Carefully selected ② L-shaped long wallet with auspicious "owl" motif

    Owls are considered auspicious birds in Japan. This is because it is pronounced the same as "Fukurai (meaning that fortune comes)" and "Fukurou (meaning that there is no hardship)".

    The design combined with seasonal flowers has a "Japanese" atmosphere.

    The unique charm of "Asakusa Bunko"

    With design and beauty not found in others, it has a unique sense of luxury.
    The predecessor was Asakusa Bunko, a kimono maker. This luxury is created by the careful craftsmanship of each of the dyeing techniques required for making kimono, such as "Kata Yuzen" and "Handwritten Yuzen".

    Like the letters, each stroke is colored by the craftsman's hand. By adding "Hand-painted Yuzen" to "Kata Yuzen", we can add depth to the shadows and express the softness and warmth of the pattern. Asakusa Bunko is the only company in Japan that uses these two techniques, "Kata Yuzen" and "Hand-painted Yuzen".


    The L-shaped zipper long wallet of "Asakusa Bunko" is filled with the soul of a craftsman, and you can fully enjoy the charm of "Japanese" from the skill of the former kimono maker.
    If you are interested, why don't you actually touch the softness and warmth of the pattern?

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