Asakusa Bunko - Leather long wallet "Purple Rose" - made using kimono dyeing technology, and practicality is also outstanding【1106-04】

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活用和服上色技術  超實用「淺草文庫」長型錢包(玫瑰)

 If you are considering a slightly calm "adult wallet" to buy next, this is the recommended item. It is a long wallet sold by the former kimono maker Asakusa Bunko, and it is becoming more popular as it is featured in magazines in Japan. This time, we will introduce a long wallet designed with "roses" that women long for. Its practicality is also splendid!


    1. You can trust the skill of the craftsmen and women who work here because they used to make kimonos.
    2. The craftsmen and women who work at a workshop in Asakusa create each and every one of these purses with great care.
    3. Roses are designed in bright colors to express softness

    A Leather Accessory Created Using Techniques for Kimonos


     Asakusa Bunko used to manufacture kimonos, and the methods required to create kimonos are being used to carefully and precisely dye these purses, the 2 methods which were namely used in the production of kimonos that are being utilized in this process are 2 types of “yuzen” dyeing methods for both patterns and hand-drawn.

    The first thing to do in this process is to take the white-tanned cowhide from Hyogo Prefecture’s Tatsuno City and use the pattern type of “yuzen” dyeing to create the initial patterns of the design. After this the master craftsmen and women move into the hand-drawn section of creation. This is where the master craftsmen and women carefully draw in the colour of each individual line one by one. Through using these 2 different types of “yuzen” dyeing, it creates a more deep and full shade allowing for a more soft and warm finish. Asakusa Bunko is the only manufacturer within Japan that uses both of these methods when creating their products!

    Sewn by 40-year Veteran Craftsmen & Women


     After the hand-drawn “yuzen” dyeing has been completed, it’s time to move onto the process of making the drawn shapes three dimensional. A machine that can output over 100 tonnes of force is used to press the shapes into the leather. Finally, it’s time to sew. Sewing into uneven leather is extremely difficult, and typical manufacturers cannot create a clean finish doing this, however, as Asakusa Bunko, some of the best sewers in the business with over 40 years of history are employed to create these amazing pieces of art.

    An adult wallet with a rose pattern that is preferred by all ages

    不分年齡層老少皆宜 玫瑰圖案設計帶有成熟感

     Do pay attention to the rose petals. Each piece is shaded and you will be amazed at its delicacy. By using curves for the branches, etc., the softness and tenderness are expressed. The pattern is loved regardless of age, so it is also recommended as a gift for the elderly.

    Designed to look neat when tightened despite its large capacity

    容量超大 體積看起來卻不大

     The zipper is designed in a U shape that is easy to open and close. Also, when you open the wallet, the gusset (the part where the thickness of the main body is widened) opens wide like a "fan", so despite having a large capacity, when you close it, it will turn into the visibly neat design. In addition, the zipper puller of the coin purse is an original design developed by the maker so that anyone can use it easily.

    Product Information

    • Size: Height 10.5×Width 19×Thickness 2.4 cm
    • Weight: 180g
    • Materials /Open/Close Round-Fastener、Open pocket ×4、Open Pocket(Notes etc.)×2、Division Pocket(Small Coins etc.)×1、Card Pocket×12
    • [Zipper material (YKK)] (Outside) Chain: Copper, Base cloth: Polyester,
    • Slider: Zinc alloy, (inside) chain / base cloth: Polyester / Slider: Zinc alloy
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by ASAKUSA BUNKO
    Presented by ASAKUSA BUNKO

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