Bottle Cooler KAGUYA - Particular about simplicity and ease of use 1106-09

Bottle Cooler KAGUYA - Particular about simplicity and ease of use 1106-09
Bottle Cooler KAGUYA - Particular about simplicity and ease of use 1106-09

Bottle Cooler KAGUYA - Particular about simplicity and ease of use 1106-09

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追求簡約與好用的極致「Bottle Cooler KAGUYA保冷冰桶」

Cast aluminum bottle cooler with minimum decoration as possible. The form as if young bamboo is cut by sword with a single stroke is praised for its expression of Japanese clean and sharp aesthetic.


    1. Simple and easy to use cast aluminum bottle cooler
    2. Light, outstanding cold insolation and practical
    3. "KISEN" brand that delivers stylish products while using traditional metal processing technology

    A design that makes you feel the Japanese atmosphere. So simple it looks great in any space.


    感受和風氛圍的簡約設計 無論擺在哪裡都很亮眼

    This new product, manufactured by the “KISEN” brand, is one that looks to pursue a new beauty in metal, and is called “Bottle Cooler KAGUYA”. A simple cast aluminum bottle cooler for one full bottle. Available in two colors; SILVER with a stylish impression, and BLACK with a luxurious feel. All of them are designed to accent the table decoration when you put a wine bottle in it.

    Because it is aluminum, it is light and easy to use


    鋁製輕盈 非常好用

    Carefully finished with sharp and modern design. Not only is the design fashionable, but it is also lightweight because it is made of aluminum, and the main point is also its practicality.

    Perfect for everyday use or as a gift! Wine cooler made with Made in Japan technology


    送禮自用皆宜!Made in Japan技術打造的酒瓶保冷冰桶:黑色款
    Bottle Cooler KAGUYA BLACK
    送禮自用皆宜!Made in Japan技術打造的酒瓶保冷冰桶:銀色款
    Bottle Cooler KAGUYA SILVER


    Preserving traditional metal processing methods from the long-standing brand in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture “KISEN”. Takaoka City is the city of copperware. “KISEN” has been developing their metalworking skills and techniques for over 75 years, and have products that have modern yet traditional designs that fit in with current lifestyles. Taste the normal wine in better style with bottle cooler that corporates Made in Japan technique with modern design. Give this stylish design as a perfect gift for your loved one or try one for yourself.

    Made in Japan技術打造的「Bottle Cooler KAGUYA保冷冰桶」


    Product Information

    • Color: SILVER, BLACK
    • Size: Diameter approx. 18.5 cm x Height approx. 26 cm
    • Weight: 1750g
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Made in Japan
    • Made by KISEN

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      Furuki Yoki (Yokohama, JP)
      Looks elegant and cool

      Literally cool to the touch as well.

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