Kanazawa Kenroku Confectionery - Kenroku no Hana KRH-30R【F_125】

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    The Introduction of Kanazawa Kenroku Confectionery - Kenroku no Hana KRH-30R

    Colorful rice crackers reminiscent of a gorgeous atmosphere.

    The Product Information of Kanazawa Kenroku Confectionery - Kenroku no Hana KRH-30R


    • Kurogo x 14
    • Purple potato x 14
    • Shrimp rice cracker x 12
    • Brown sugar sesame seeds x 9
    • Kanazawa curry rice cracker x 6
    • Tweet salad x 6
    • * Allergens: milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, soybeans, pork, sesame
    • * In a fancy box
    • Made by Kanazawa Kenroku Confectionary
    • Made in Japan
    Presented by: Shaddy Co.,Ltd.

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